Building another house is an energizing yet difficult process. Investigating the best rural areas, finding the ideal square of land, picking the correct manufacturer and the apparently unlimited choices about hues, fittings and furniture – such huge numbers of things to consider! Have you included solar power on your rundown?

In case you’re contemplating introducing solar based power in your new home we exceedingly suggest you begin making arrangements for it now. The accompanying tips will spare you cash, time and laments later on, by getting your solar based establishment appropriate, from the beginning. Here are few extra considerations you should keep in mind if you are going solar:

  1. Rooftop Size: The base size system most associations in Australia present is a 1.5kW structure and this is contained around 7 or 8 boards with each board measuring around 1.6m x 0.8m. In case you can’t see yourself fitting this many sheets on your housetop, by then Solar panel isn’t for you.
  1. Whether you possess your own property? If not, at that point solar likely isn’t justified, despite any potential benefits because of the speculation required, unless your landowner will go to the gathering and make a venture for your sake.
  1. Shade and Direction of the roof; the measure of power produced at a specific site relies upon the amount of the sun’s energy achieves it.Your rooftop needs to get immediate sun between the hours of 10am and 2pm for most of the year.
  1. Avoid high weight agents: High weight bargains methodologies are tragically consistent in the solar industry. Do whatever it takes not to settle on decisions on the spot, basically ask for that the individual let you think about the offer. Constrained decisions on the spot consistently wind up being less beneficial in reflection.

5.Power Consumption: Before picking system parts and evaluating a PV structure for a present home, you should survey your power use illustrations and attempt to lessen your home’s energy use. You can start by playing out a pile examination, which joins these tasks:

  • Looking at your electricity bills over the previous year.
  • Ascertaining energy usage
  • Perceiving usage designs.

On the off chance that you’re arranging another home, you should work with the engineer and the solar based capable to join your PV system into your whole house structure plot – an approach for building a solar oriented gainful home.

  1. Pre-wiring and pre-laying your solar panels:

It’s considerably snappier to run electrical wiring before your dividers have been gyprocked. In the event that you have the choice of pre-introducing the wiring for your solar based influence framework amid the construct, it will make life substantially less demanding for your solar installer, sparing them time and sparing you cash. We likewise suggest you consider introducing a solar oriented prepared power meter ideal from the beginning, so you won’t have to supplant it when the time comes to associate your sunlight based power framework.

In case you’re constructing a multi-story home, it’s an extraordinary plan to pre-lie your solar panels on the rooftop before your framework descends. This will spare you the extra cost of raising platform again at a later date.

  1. How about we cooperate?

The way to guaranteeing your manufacture and sun based establishment advances as easily as conceivable is great correspondence. Converse with us when you’re conceptualizing beginning form thoughts, so we can guarantee your outline is as sunlight based well-disposed as could be expected under the circumstances. Update us as often as possible on any power-related points of interest, for example, regardless of whether you’re introducing three-stage or single-stage control. At that point, with regards to pre-wiring and pre-laying your boards, don’t abandon it until the latest possible time! Get composed and connect with us three to four months previously your normal handover so we can work with your manufacturer and trades to plan the work in.

Reach us for help joining solar power into your new form, call Momentum solar on 01300978190 or