Commercial solar covers a wide variety of business and none for profit organizations. The main advantage to this group is that most of them occupy the properties primarily during sunlight hours when the sun is shining and have very low use after dark therefore the savings and return on investment can be substantial and very worthwhile.

Rising electricity prices and recent advances in solar technology make a commercial solar power system a cost effective investment with short payback periods and long term benefits. Solar panel prices have fallen substantially in recent months and subsequently solar power is now an affordable option providing commercial businesses with an opportunity to generate their own electricity, directly reducing their energy costs.

If you are a commercial business or building owner, momentum solar is a trusted company that gives you peace of mind that comes with knowledge and experience. We have installed solar power systems on residential and commercial properties, schools and community buildings. Our fully qualified and clean energy council accredited solar installers take a high level of pride in their work, ensuring the highest standards of workmanship


Recognized in the industry for high quality and excellence in service, momentum solar provide reliable products that are not only safe and resilient but have been independently tested and are backed by comprehensive warranties.Solar Panel Options will dependably plan and prescribe an answer that gives greatest profit for your venture.

We can accomplish this because of various variables including:

  • Solar panel alternatives leads the establishment and does not utilize contractual workers along these lines decreasing establishment costs.
  • Has focused and adaptable subsidizing/fund choices accessible for organizations, including a lease to claim choice with no forthright speculation.
  • Can tailor make a framework that will suit your business and its power utilization examples and position the sun based boards to work all the more proficiently.
  • Providing you with a financial investigation.

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You might be amongst those who believe that setting the solar panels for home is your first step towards environment and energy conservation. There is a steep increase in the number of people who choose to install the solar panels at their home. However, there are still people who do not understand the trend of installing the panels. They fail to realize that it is not just an architectural trend but a great solution for the issue of global warming.

Here are 4 reasons precisely why every household should have the solar panels for home:






  • Reasonable pricing
  • Free quotes and call outs
  • More than 10,000 frameworks introduced
  • 5 year establishment guarantee
  • 25 year board execution ensure
  • Restrictive solar match framework coordinates your framework to you
  • Accommodating and cordial staff
  • Selective rivalries and referral rewards